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Tongkat Ali With Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca & Ginseng

30 Capsules

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What is it?

An all-in-one synergetic blend of the most potent herbs that boost testosterone naturally to encourage muscle growth, stamina, strength, libido, and mental strength, with black pepper extract ensuring enhanced bioavailability of active ingredients.

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1. Increases the Production of Testosterone.

2. Improves Sexual Health & Libido.

3. Improve Strength, Muscle & Physical Activities.

4. Stimulate Loss of Weight & Body Fat.

5. Potential Treatment for Osteoporosis.

6. Anti-Cancer properties to aid Cancer Treatment.

7. Reduce Stress, Anger & Improve Mood.

8. Enhancing the Immune System.

9. Potentially Reduce Blood Sugar Level.

10. Reduction in Blood Pressure.

11. Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial and Parasitic Agent.

12. Exhibits Anti-Ulcer Properties

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Chubb
Libido boost - but nothing else

It does definitely give you a libido boost…..but it doesn’t give you extra drive like similar products on there own which are more concentrated, for instance tong kat Ali on its own gives you more drive in my experience but less so in this mixture of supplements

Luke Walton
Excellent stuff

Great stuff this, been using a while 4 weeks on 3 or 4 days off, trying to extend the on time now and see what happens. First few months the t boost was massive, seems to have dimmed down a little now...but still doing good 👌

Product and delivery

Great product and great service got my order to be ASAP

Loos fine

I only had for 15 days, can't really tell the difference, unless I use it for another few weeks

Amazing product

Can definitely feel more energetic and see good progress during my workouts. Would recommend!