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D:NA Aquaring Proatin Mask

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High moisturized creamy serum liquid based functional mask provides 19 types of amino acid, peptide and moisture; which recovers skin barriers and improves its function to lock the moisture into skin.

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Its liquid base made by high-moisturizing cream softening method, gives 19 types of amino acids, peptides and so on effectively.

It strengthens the skin barrier.

Its moisturizing ingredients like DNA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aquaxyl-xylitylglucoside, and sodium PCA, give the exhausted skin a moist and nutrition.

¿Qué paso de mi rutina es este?

Step 5: 

In the evening after you've cleansed, exfoliated (1-2x per week), toned, and applied any serums, then it's time for a hydrating sheet mask.

Instrucciones de uso

1. Apply mask sheet after cleansing and toning

2. Leave it on 10-20 minutes

3. Gently pat any remaining essence into skin

Lista de ingredientes

DNA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aquaxyl-xylitylglucoside, and sodium PCA